Thursday, December 24, 2009

Being A Couple

I find myself in an interesting place. The longest couple I've ever been apart of is with my sister. Lol. For most of our lives we were know as "the girls". We've had our ups and downs but in the end we always come back to each other. Thats the nature of our bond.

Aren't we cute ;)

But now I find I'm in a different kind of couple. The male/female dynamic is interesting because my honey and I, we just don't think alike. Its a growing experience for me because things that I think are inappropriate Washington doesn't see why its a big deal. I get upset so easily and I have to realize that he doesn't think like me.

He frustrates me at times and I want to throw up my hands and walk away but u can't do that in a relationship. You have to try to work things out. You have to try and look at things from the others point of view. Relationships are work. Lol. (I know thats like a big, DUH!)

My sister and I are so in-tune to each other that we know when something is not right or wat the other wants to say before they say it. It doesn't even seem like work. But we have had our ups and downs. Plus, our sister relationship has taken years to develop. Its not really fair to compare the two is it?

I'm finding that I need to be more understanding, more patient, and give Washington a chance because....

He really cares. He cares about my feelings, is becoming acquainted with my moods, and he's trying and I need to try just as hard. No relationship is perfect. Its about give and take. Learning and understanding your partner. Growing with them. Being patient, faithful, and loving. He's willing to make things better because he wants to make me happy. And thats important. I have to return that effort otherwise wats the point of being a couple?

So, I need to give my relationship a chance to grow just like I worked hard to grow my relationship with my sister.

It makes me wonder wat is holding me back from that?

.... to be continued


JStar said...

Yes, relationships take HARD work! I took my relationship with my sweetheart for granted and lost him, praying he comes back to me! Give it a chance, work hard and let love grow...No love can replace or come close to the love you and your sister have...but you can try as hard as you can...but the love with your sis is unconditional.... (I call my daughters "The Girls") as well lol...

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