Monday, December 7, 2009


"I think you would neglect your family"

This is what my boyfriend said to me this morning because when he asked me what my top 5 priorities were I included church in the list. We spent an hour going back an forth over this and it just pissed me off even more. I did not need to hear that this morning cuz it jacked up my whole day.

It got me thinking to myself, "Then why is he with me?" If you think that I could neglect my own children why would you be with me? Then I thought, if you think that low of me why am I with you? And why is church the thing that would make me be neglectful of my family? I'm involved in my church but it is one of the many things I do. Why would that be the one thing that I would choose over my family?

Am I overeacting or justified in my hurt? Cuz, whether he realized or not he just gave me another reason to seriously question whether him and I should be a we.

Lord help me.

... to be continued.


Anonymous said...

Don't get frustrated. He's just telling you how he feels. try to just listen...don't get so worked up over it.

JStar said...

Dont base your relationship from his feeling...This is a new relationship...You KNOW you wouldnt neglect your child...If the situation presented yourself then you could show him...I DO see why that hurt you, it would hurt me too...

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