Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank God for family. God is so good to me and that is no lie. The Personal Trainer is married. Yep, MARRIED. How i found out? My Aunt told me without even knowing. Like the Bible says "Be sure ur sin will find you out." Personal Trainer ur found out. I love my fam. And God u had my back. Cuz if i had went down there.... God is good ALL the time. I'll tell u the full story tomorrow.

Singleville ur breaking my heart.

... To be continued.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trip Postponed

So, I'm not going to Georgia. *tear* The Personal Trainer asked me if we could reschedule. He explained why and I understood. He wants when we meet to be perfect. Isn't that sweet?

But I still want to get away so I thought maybe I'll go visit my godmommy that weekend in Maryland. She has been asking me to come down for a while so why not? Its been a while since my last visit so I'm over due and if all works out I'll be in Maryland.

While I'm disappointed in my change of plans my new itinerary is considerably cheaper than the previous one so I can't be too upset about that. Going to GA was gonna cost me a grip. Lol. Especially cuz I'm planning to go to Missouri for a conference in December so my cash flow is tight.

But all things considered its a bit of a blessing that he asked to postpone cuz like I've said before he is a whole heap of temptation.

Lets put it this way, I love chocolate. And even though I know that I shouldn't when you place in front of me some sweet, delicious chocolate you can't expect me not to eat some. It just ain't happening, especially if I haven't had a piece in a loooooooooong time. lol.

Lord, help me.

... to be continued

Is It Wrong? - Fantasizing

Ok, so is it wrong to fantasize? I mean everybody likes to be able to escape from their present reality every once in a while but can you fantasize too much?

I'm finding that my imagination seems to be on overdrive lately. My imagination has always been active cuz I tend to live in my head a little bit anyway. But I've been fantasizing a lot. Especially right before I go to bed.

While I recommend an escape every now and then when does all that fantasizing become dangerous? When does your imagination become detrimental? Cuz sometimes I don't want to leave my fantasies. I really enjoy them. Lol. But I understand that what 's real isn't necessarily what's swimming around in my head.

So can fantasizes become dangerous? And depending on what your fantasizing about, Is it wrong?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Georgia Peach

So it looks like I'll be taking a mini (real mini) vacay to Georgia in October. We all know who lives in GA. And no I didn't invite myself. Lol. I'm just excited to get the "what if" question out of my head.

What are the two big "what ifs"?
  1. What if we don't click?
  2. What if we really hit it off?
  3. What if I don't want to leave?
Either way I will get a nice little trip and time away from New York. I haven't taken a break from anything in the last two years. Yikes!

I need to take more me time. Sheesh.

... to be continued


I saw Washington last Friday and had a great time. :-/

Why the face? Because the day before that me and PT had an amazing convo. Why was it amazing? Because we both shared pieces of ourselves we almost never share with anyone. Our emotions. *sigh* Do you know how hard it is to find a guy I can share my mind with? Do you know how much harder it is to get him to share his with you? It seems we've taken this to a whole other level.

But... when I was with Washington it was so easy. The convo flowed I didn't feel awkward, nervous, none of this first time jitters people usually have. I was able to just be, you would of thought we had been seeing each other for year the way we interacted and vibed. It was just sooooo EASY. (I like easy, everything else in life is so complicated)

So what is a single girl to do? I can't really compare them because I haven't spent time in PT physical presence. What I do know is that when I was with Washington I was with him. I wasn't daydreaming, I was totally there in the moment with him.

The problem is, I'm a "what if" girl? I always wonder what could have been and I won't let it go til I know. PT is my "what if". I can't let him go until we meet face to face and I know yes we can make this work or no we can't. Which means I can't really move forward with Washington cuz in the back of my mind will be PT. Ugh. Hopefully all will be revealed soon.

In the mean time I see Washington again this Friday :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do I Look Like the Bank?

Why do men keep asking me for money? Do I look like I have dollar signs on my forehead? Do they think I am made of money? What the heck?

Some guy today asks me for money to help him get home. I barely know this guy. We talked once. ONCE. Does that automatically translate as "we peoples so I can hit you up for dough"? I tried to be nice telling him no because I know that it takes a lot for a man to even ask that but he kept on asking. He went from can I get $200 to can I get $50 and I'm like, No.

Of course once I said no he stopped talking to me. Now thats a surprise. (eye roll)

Fellas what is going on? I know its a recession but are y'all that strapped for cash that you will ask any random female for money?

Lord have mercy. *smh*

... to be continued.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can I Have a Picture of You???

People ask this of me a lot. We'll guys anyway. When you're on a social networking site or you talk to folks on aim they ask. When they do I direct them to the places I have posted pics already. I'm not the type to snap a pic real fast like that and send it. Too much work. lol. So that's not a weird request.

However, today that question done went to the next level.

So I get an IM from someone I had talked to briefly before. Ok cool, we just talking. The convo starts out innocently enough before he hit me with this.

well basically like i said i think youre really hot, and i would love to get to see more pics of you...i know you dont know me yet so you really dont have any reason to do that for me, but since i have alot of money (i have proof that i do) i was thinking i could at least give you some $ as a thank you if u did it for me.

Whoa, where is this coming from? Do you think because you have a lot of more I'm suppose to jump at the chance to do this for you? But it gets better. He talks about how he wants sexy pics and that he has a lot of money. So I want to know how much he'd be willing to pay. (There goes my curiosity again.)

up to $5,000

My jaw hit the floor. Is he serious?! $5000. I thought about it for a hot second (that is a lot of $) and then the Lord rebuked me.

Your body is the temple of the Lord.

When that verse popped into my head I knew what my answer would be but it didn't end there. He then tells me it would be instantaneous payment, that he'd even pay me up front. When I still wouldn't budge he offered to give me even more money, telling me I could make more money with one click of my mouse then I would make in a month.

Why does this boy want to see my body so dag on bad? What is up? Why he being so thirsty? He's not a bad looking guy why do you need to buy a girl's body? This just pushed my resolve even more. So he tried to get me from another angle.

well i was hoping that since you wont consider making me any pics youd at least let me take you out to dinner

Ok, how do you go from I'll pay you for pics of your body (head optional) to "can I take you out sometime"? I'm giving him the serious side eye. And then:

would you be against me renting a hotel suite in manhattan for after dinner...thered be no obligation but if you were in the mood for it, id be very much honored if you would let me go down on you then (i really enjoy getting to give someone pleasure with something im really good at)

Why am I not surprised? Would he have paid me afterward? WTF?! No, No, and HECK NO! Some people would have accepted. But I'm not that person. For me my body is sacred, not to be shared and sold.

I am NOT for sale. And its official:

This Fool Done Lost His Mind

Whatever happened to getting to know a girl first? My gosh.

Men never cease to amaze me. If I didn't experience it I wouldn't believe it.

Singleville... *sigh*

... to be continued

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chain Letters

Chain letters have evolved over the years from letters to emails to texts. Asking you to pass them on at the risk of 7 years of bad luck and missed love opportunities. So I should have terrible luck cuz I almost always break the chain. lol.

So today, Washington sent me a chain text that said,

Me and you should ___________? Answer the question truthfully.
Send to ten people and see the funny responses you get.

Now I of course sent my reply back but I felt that this opened up a good and fun opportunity to get some questions answered by some of the guys in my life at the moment. I want to see where their heads are at. (No I didn't ask only guys, I sent this to some of my girlfriends too just for fun)

So I thought I'd post some of the responses I got.

Washington said:
Do things nobody but us should know about

Personal Trainer said:
Have amazing sex

Poppa said:
Go out

The MC and Honey didn't answer... yet. :-/

While most of the responses didn't surprise me ( some did ...ahem... intrigue me though *naughty smile*), Poppa's did. We're just friends so for him to want to take it to the next level has me a little ... on edge if you will (see I Wanna Be Your Man) more than I already was. I'm flattered but I'm just not feeling him like that and I don't think our goals or the places we are in our lives match at all. But how do you say that and maintain your friendship?

I guess you have to be ready for what life will throw you when you throw out questions like that.

Do you see why I don't send out chain letters/email/texts?

... to be continued.

I Wanna Be Your Man

This song takes me back to a school dance in Love and Basketball. A lot of my posts have been songs as of late. Hmmm. *shrugs* Ok, so I have an interesting situation right about now.

I'm talking to the Personal Trainer (PT) on Saturday and he tells me that if we weren't being held apart by distance I'd be his woman. Awh, that sucks. Cuz we are, we still talk everyday but I'm in NY and he's in Georgia. Where is the justice?

In the mean time, new prospect intro coming, I've been talking to Washington (he's a Redskins fan). I actually started talking to him before I started talking to the Personal Trainer but PT has stolen my heart. Anyway, he really seems to be feeling me and we also talk everyday. Now, I like him too but some how talking to him feels like I'm cheating on PT or at the very least being dishonest. I'm not that type of girl and I hate that feeling.

Also this passed Saturday, Mr. E emailed me (of course not answering my email) but why did my heart go all a flutter again and I was ready to forgive him all things? *smh* What the heck is wrong with me?

The MC hits me up that same Saturday talking about, come over and cuddle and watch movies with me. Honey is still lurking in the shadows trying to make something happen even if its by sheer force of will and I'm just like "What is going?"

But what takes the cake is today my friend, Poppa, hit me with the I should be your man, your should be my woman pitch. Adding in at the end, "You should give this young guy a shot." Now we have been hanging out a lot more lately and I did start to feel these vibes he was sending my way (We ladies always know when a dude is trying to make a play for us. We get this sense that somethings changed.) but I was hoping and praying that what happened wouldn't happen. Now he didn't just come out and say it but... I'll explain more in a later post.

Can you see my interesting position. I'm getting all these vibes that they all want me in some way. A confidant, lover, ride or die chick, friend. Some of them are a lot more vocal and clear than others about what they want but all in all they seem to be saying the same thing, I wanna be your man. I wanted just one guy but I'm finding myself with more than one guy wanting to be with me. Their actions speak towards that.

I feel like all of them expect me to say "Yes, I'll be with you and only you". They have all gotten used to me being there, answering them, talking with them, vibing with them but I chalk that up to me being a friend.

The three I really like are the Personal Trainer, Washington, and Mr. E. And to be honest if PT lived in NY this wouldn't even be an issue. And if Mr. E wasn't so busy this scenario wouldn't exist at all but anyway. I could be a girlfriend to any one of these men and potential be happy for a time but I want to be with the right one not just anyone. So I want to take my time making my decision.

2 issues arise from this
  1. They may not want to wait. Which means I could miss out on that guy or if I make a hasty decision I could pick the wrong guy.
  2. Once I decide he may say, "You know wat, on second thought, you're not the one for me".
*sigh* The last thing I want is hurt feelings on all sides. I don't know why I thought this would be easy.

Singleville... *smh* be continued

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bus sighting. I just saw a dude in dress shirt, dress slacks, and dress shoes with about 8 post earrings going all the way up one ear. That just tripped me out. And they were gold earrings too. Lawd have mercy. If you caught him on the side without earrings u'd have a whole different perception of him. Then when he turned you'd be in for a surprise. It amazes me some of the things i see. Lol.
I finished my last day just now. Why do i feel like jumping up and down and shouting "I'm free!" The new job starts tomorrow and I am estatic. On my way to dance class. :)

What Makes A Good Birthday Gift?

That is the question plaguing me this day.

This is the situation. A man's wife's birthday is coming up and he buys her scented candles. He gets her a card and buys a card for the kids to sign too. He takes her out to dinner and then gives her the gift and when asked if she likes them she says, "They're ok." She says this because she doesn't feel this is a gift a husband gives to a wife. Its not personal enough. :-/ She'd rather have gotten socks!

Now it may be just me (I'm not a married lady afterall) but I think the fact that he remembered, took me out, and actually bought me a gift is a feat that is much appreciated and would be greatly rewarded. Am I wrong here? Yeah it might not have been what you wanted but appreciate the effort.

Nowadays, its hard to find a man who has a job, takes care of his responsiblities, can put it on you something serious, and gives you a gift on your birthday, your anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas. C'mon ladies, is it necessary to nitpick on the fact that the gift wasn't personal enough to your standards? Have we become that rigid that we can't appreciate the effort our men make for us when so many often don't?

But the most pressing question is, What qualifies as a good and personal gift that a husband should give a wife? I mean men give ther wives really nice, expensive gifts but don't pick them out. They send someone to the store with a charge card and say here's the limit get her something nice and they are just as surprised as their wife when she opens the gift. How personal is that? Wouldn't you rather get a gift where your husband went to the mall to decide whether or not you'd like the lavender scented one or the strawberries and cream? I mean that's love cuz what man likes to go to the mall or shopping period? Lol.

I don't get it. Since I'm one that doesn't expect to get anything on her birthday besides text messages and facebook posts (I cherish those by the way) if I received a gift, even if I didn't love it I'd never let the giver know it. Why? Because they cared enough to go out and spend money on me. Cuz they remembered and took out time in their day to acknowledge me. In as fast paced a world as we live in I don't take those things for granted.

After all, isn't it the thought behind the gift that really counts?

Life's too short to be ungrateful. (I realized I just sounded like my Grandmother. Lol.)

... to be continued.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Train sighting. I wasn't gonna blog about this but this was just too good to pass up. So I'm on the train going to dance class and this guy gets on and sits near me. There are two woman sitting across from him. The minute he sat down they was checking him out. Hard. I'm talking about hair flipping, pursing lips, whispering behind hands, and then openly staring. I thought this was hilarious of course. They did everything short of walk up to him and say "baby i want to eat ya for breakfast, lunch, and dinner" lol. Wat took the cake is that this man a handful of stops late gets on. And if you didn't know he was gay you did after he sat down next to said man (other seats were open) turned toward him, looked him up and down and gave him that, i like wat i see smile. Why this is so humorous to me is because the object of there affection was just totally oblivious to it ALL. I wanted to laugh out loud but i checked myself. When people pay me attention like that its like i feel there eyes. Can some people just be that oblivious or do u think he was perpetrating a fraud and knew wat was going on the whole time?

... To be continued
Sighting. Why did i just see a man walking down the street wearing dress boots with a 1 1/2 inch heel? He was wearing a tailored suit and dress boots with a heel. WTF? Is that the new fad now? Wat is going on? If a dude ever tried to holla at me wearing high heels I'd have to say, "Excuse me but aren't u batting for the other team?" I'm just saying.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lick You For $100

So the other day I'm checking my social networking sites. Like everyone I have a few of them. I'm on particular one when I get a message thats titled, "Question Luv????". I'm used to getting all types of notes but this one threw me for a loop for sure. It read:


WTF???? I've gotten some crazy propositions before; come to my house and I just met you, what are your sexual fantasies so we can act them out, I'm very experienced if we meet it'd be worth it and all this other ish. I've even gotten the I'd love to eat you out do you want me to? proposition but this?! He even rhymed it too like this was a poem. Fools be getting bold nowadays. Now my answer was obviously Hell NO! But I wanted to know if this fool was serious. (I need to watch this curiosity thing. We all know about curiosity and what happened to the cat. Lol.)

He was,

Can you believe he told me to Shhhh? Like this was some secret I needed to guard with my life. When I read that I imagined someone putting they finger to they lips looking around nervously thinking someone might overhear. Lmao. And I love how he threw in "Its been a while." Did he think that would make me say yes?

I was tempted to say my was stuff was worth more than $100 and see if he would up his price but I just left it as it was and politely declined.

My thing is, last time I checked a woman who sold her wares was a pro and I ain't no pro. Where do men get the idea that this is appropriate and acceptable? I'm the type of girl that needs to know if you can carry a conversation, are intelligent, have goals, etc before I want to know if your tongue skills are on point. Who wants a dumb f*%!? (I mean that literally and figuratively.) Lol.

One word of advice my brothas: Stop embarrassing yourselves. Cuz,

This Fool Done Lost His Mind

As always men tickle me, but I still love them. Singleville amazes me.

... to be continued.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is It Wrong? - Moving To Be With The One You Love

So, because of the Personal Trainer I've been thinking about the topic for this is it wrong a lot recently.

The question is, Is it wrong to move your whole life in order to be with someone? No I'm not moving. Me and the Personal Trainer are nowhere near having that conversation. However, it got me thinking about when you're in a long distance relationship isn't it inevitable that ya'll will have to decide if you are gonna move to be with each other or move on? What if your significant other asked you to move? If you have a good job and have established yourself in your state, all your family is there, your friends, etc would you move or even consider it? My mom is all about your support system. I have no better support system then the one I have in New York (I've always envisioned raising my family in NY) but if I was gonna move the only other states I'd move to are Maryland, Florida, or Georgia (hmm) because I know I'd have support there as well but.... I'm a NYC girl and I don't know if I could do it.

Is it wrong to give up all you have in the name of love? Even if what your giving up is better than what you're going to?

... to be continued

The Way You Make Me Feel

This is my 100th post. I'm so stoked. Can't believe I've been blogging this long.

Who gets the honor of being the topic of my 100th post? The Personal Trainer.

I know that he's my text buddy but recently we turned up the heat a bit. He makes me, beautiful, wanted, desired. *sigh* I think Michael said it best

The way you make me feel
(the way you make me feel)
You really turn me on
(you really turn me on)
You knock me off of my feet
(you knock me off of My feet)
My lonely days are gone
(my lonely days are gone)

Now I know this is bad cuz I feeling him way too much. I'm just trying to wrap my head around how this could even work. When you look at this logically it can't. There are so many obstacles to this but it seems I can't fight the feeling and when a guy tells you,

I am so open. All I want is u.

What is a girl to do? Our text exchanges have heated up, we talk everyday, I go to sleep thinking about him, I wake up thinking about him. Lord have mercy. This is more than just a full blown crush. And the pictures he sends. Mercy.

But he's so far away :(

Why is it that every time I find a guy that I'm really into for some reason I can't have him? This is so frustrating. The ones I don't want are always available to me, but the ones I do want have obstacles like kids my age and being a workaholic and being in another freaking state. (Girl breath)

If I fall for this guy its my own fault but like that R. Kelly song...

My mind’s telling me no
But my body, my body's telling me yes

Why is everything always so complicated with me? Singleville is a mix of bliss and misery right now. But I'm really floating high on the bliss at this point. The misery will come eventually (although I definitely hope not).

... to be continued

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Ex, the MC, and Mr. E

This will be a relatively short post. Let me see if I can pull this off.

Saw The Ex last weekend. Tell me why homeboy was surprised that I didn't give him a hug and instead gave him a pat on the back. Sweetie, we are not bffs. Fool done lost his mind.

Saw the MC Monday and had to give him the "I think we should be just friends" speech. It totally sucked. He's still talking to me but ...I miss the comfort that came with that relationship. But I had to. Everything was moving so fast and I just couldn't get past his kid being 3 years younger than me. I had to end it before we got too attached.

Times Up! Mr. E's deadline to reply has come and gone. I have moved him to the friend category and that's how he will stay. He will always have a special place in my heart but if he's not ready your girl's got to move on.

Three strikes :-/ Am I out? SMH

... to be continued

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Audition

Whether they know it or not any man that steps to me or crosses my path is auditioning for the part of my husband.

Just like any audition there are those that come prepared and those that have no clue what they're doing. There are those that thought they might audition just to see what it would be like or cuz they thought it was a fun thing to do. While others stepped up to the plate ready to work. There are those who look like they will be a perfect fit but end up being all wrong for the part. Then there are those who look like they won't make the cut and surprise you.

Some I knew weren't right for the part. Then there were others I thought would be a good fit but they weren't ready. Still others made it all the way through the process only to pull out at the last minute.

Some were really enthusiastic but weren't the right fit. Others took so long to respond that they lost they're spot.

This role is not an easy one to fill. This I know. I will admit that. There have been some call backs. And a few table readings. However, the role is open.

I'm hosting open casting calls as we speak.

Welcome to Singleville. Open casting call. All men are welcome except Them Men and they know who they are. From now until my Wedding Day.

... to be continued
Bus sighting. This guy has the longest eye lashes I've on a guy that was not on a young kid. (Does that make sense?) Anyway, I think that they are just adorable. Makes me wish they were mine. Women would kill for the eye lashes he's rocking. Or at least spend a fortune paying for lash extensions and the fake glue on ones. Just thought I'd share. Lol.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Collect Calls

I figured out who the collect calls are coming from. I got another one over the weekend. I didn't accept it of course but now (this is like the third one) I need to find out who the heck is blowing up my phone from jail. At first I thought they were from Trig but then I saw the area code of the number and looked it up. Its for upstate NY. Trig is in NC. So its not him. The last person I was talking to who was upstate was ...Mr. Feel Good.

Remember I said that he just seemed to disappear with no explanation.

So... Mr. Feel Good Disappearing + Collect calls from an inmate from Upstate NY = Mr. Feel Good in the clink

And Lady Dee is saying ... boy are you crazy. I ain't your girlfriend, baby momma, or even your sex buddy. I'm not even a hook up. Why are you calling me?! Sure I wanted to know what happened to him (I know now) but what do you want me to do for you? I'm not coming to visit and I'm not sending you money so...

In any event at least I now know what happened but these guys man. SMH. Get it together.

... to be continued

Text Buddy

I wrote right. (Nasty. Lol) I have a text buddy. A very fine text buddy. Is it wrong that I wish he could be my... never mind I already know the answer to that question.

So we haven't been texting that long but its been cool. He does not live in my state :( but that's cool cuz he poses waaaaaaaaaaay too much temptation for this single girl anyway. He hails from GA by way of NYC. So he got that New York swag with a shot of Southern gentleman. I love it.

What shall we call him you may ask? Personal Trainer. Man he sure could be mine (if only I lived in GA). Check out his body.

Hello. He sent me this while I was at work. I was so glad no one was looking over my shoulder. It made me lose my breath. Lol. I have seen very few bodies as tight (fit) as his.

We just seem to click which is cool. He's a sports fan (like me), we got the flirty thing going on, and he can provide a bright spot (as you can see) to a really boring day at work. And his voice matches his sexy self so it is all good. While he's not a prospect it doesn't hurt to text and talk.

Thank you Lord for fine men. Hallelujah.

Sometimes Singleville you be doing a girl proud.

... to be continued

U & Air

Like the post title? You'll see why this is the reason I didn't go see Spike over the weekend.

So as I was telling ya'll Spike after a few weeks of no communication decided that he was gonna come back at me with a vengeance. He was sending me all these texts. Saying that he was sorry for not keeping up with me but he's definitely interested. Started calling me beautiful and sexy. Telling me that he's attracted to my aura. Say what? Where is all of this coming from?

So on Saturday he hits me with these long text messages talking about because I told him I'm a busy girl that he went into "causal mode" which is why he chose the first meeting that never happened (see Friday Night in the Village) instead of something more him and me. What does that mean? He goes on to say we should have connected on a more meaningful level a long time ago because our characters connect peacefully. And taking it one step further he was like,

"You should be over here at my cozy little table for two in front of the big screen, scented candle burning, some food and drinks laughing and enjoying the moment."

So I'm reading all of this quite amused. I'm like wow its like that? Now I had to go back through the texts because I just wanted to make sure that I had read the 1st two correctly. What was I looking for? This:

"There's been nothing between us but u and air"

Pause. So what he's saying is the reason why we weren't a we is because of me and air (yeah all the hot air inside ur head). WTF? Is he serious. Yes he was serious.

"if u and the air wouldn't have been in the way, by now you would have been bringing your bunny slippers, headscarf and toothbrush."

SMH. Absolutely not. What he doesn't know is the minute I realized we had different religious backgrounds he was no longer a prospect. I just wanted to see if this young girl could get this older man to see she's not that young afterall. And my thing is this. If you wanted me so bad why didn't you make a move. You want me to come see you? Why don't you come see me my dude. But it gets better.

So then he calls me after our little text exchange. Basically reiterating that my busyness kept us from being this great power couple. (serious eyeroll) Telling me that I was almost too good of a woman for him to date. (Not almost, AM) The kicker was when he told me early on he had tested me to see if I was being for real when I said that I was busy and that my priorities were work, church and family. Apparently I passed the test because now I was deemed worthy to be his woman. However, that statement got me thinking. If I hadn't passed the test basically what he was saying was that he would of used me as a plaything. And then what? Tossed me away when you were done? I don't even think so.

I'm all for confidence in a man. I love it. But cockiness? Can't stand it. Don't want any part of it. When you think so highly of yourself that you can tell a woman the only thing keeping ya'll apart is her and the air and then think she gonna hightail herself over to your place you love yourself enough to be ALONE.

Don't get me wrong I am busy. So I can see how a guy could get frustrated. But I always find time for the people that I love, care about and respect. I'll make the time for a guy I'm into but he's got to meet me half way otherwise I'll move on. (My schedule is tight so I'm not that impromtu type of girl. When I say I'm free catch me. Lol.) I'm not chasing no man. My Bible tells me, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing." He who finds.

But I fixed him. I gave him hope that I might do it. I never had the intention of traveling all the way to his place late at night on the train and I got church in the morning. Please. So Sunday he hoped I would come see him. Double no. It's the Lord's Day and I usually don't travel too far from home. So he called me . I let it go to voicemail. So he sent me a text on Monday saying he actually thought he was gonna see me Saturday. (Is that a touch of scarcasm I hear?)

I decided enough was enough. So I sent this in reply.

"Speaking of Saturday, I think you may be right about me and air . I've got a lot of things going on and I think our paths are going in different directions"

Guys, NEVER assume that we want you just cuz you want us. That's not how it works. Rule of thumb never, no matter how fine, think you are what we missing in our lives. Cuz as Spike found out I'm not missing him at all.

Singleville is a trip. I tell you. He sure gave me a laugh.