Monday, December 7, 2009

Do I Share Too Much?

Maybe I do. I got a comment on my last post saying that I shouldn't of written it. That my boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it if he knew I had. Was I being selfish or mean spirited when writing it? Was I really thinking about how he would feel? I guess because almost no one knows who he is (besides those close to me) I didn't think about it.

Hmmm. I think I'm gonna chill....

And think.


Teenage Years. said...

No you weren't for writing it. This is YOUR blog. A blog is an online diary of sorts. Obviously you wouldn't tell ALL your business but that wasn't out of place. I use my blog to vent a lot f time and I know that certain people wouldn't appreciate it. But if you let it out and you get a comment from a person who has a different perspective from yours, it's easier to hear them because they are strangers and they're not being spiteful. Venting on blogs has actually helped a lot of my relationships with people. So no, you weren't wrong. Besides, it's your blog!

JStar said...

Girl do YOUR thang and dont worry about what someone thinks!!! Dont let someone stop you from speaking YOUR mind...I dont think you went to far at ALL

Lady Dee said...

Thanks guys.

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