Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Busy Bee

I've been living life in the fast lane. Every hour of my life seems to have been a buzz with activity.

So here is whats been going on in a nutshell:
  • I turned 24 :)
  • It rained all day on my born day but its all good (I got to do nothing but relax and eat cake)
  • For my birthday (the following day) I went out to see Avenue Q
  • The following week Washington took me out for my aforementioned birthday (why is he so cute?)
  • 6'8 feels that I'm neglecting him
  • The screen on my phone froze (its touch screen) so I got locked out of my phone, lost all my contacts and can't figure out how to post to my blog again thru text because I LOST ALL MY CONTACTS!
  • Mr. Smith, T-Bear, the MC, and Honey have all tried to make a comeback
  • My "pay you for pictures" friend proposed that we date each other!
  • Skittles, Lord have mercy, continues to express his undying love for me and started to kick it up a notch (I really don't need that right now)
  • Work is killing me ( a friend joking told me I should just move into my office *sad face*)
  • My sister wants me to move to Texas with her
  • I've been planning youth activities for the last month and I'm exhausted
  • And after my last doctor's visit I have a clean bill of health but I could stand to lose a few pounds (maybe that's why my jeans nowadays are fitting a little snug)
So yep, that's it, I think. Will hopefully be posting more soon. I need a serious vacation. I need more ME time.

What's up with everyone else?

... to be continued. 


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