Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gentlemen Do Still Exist

So this date is like a week old now but I've just been so busy. Anyhoo....

Two Saturdays ago I went out on a date with Ghana (its where he is from). He had been trying to talk to me for ages but I wasn't totally feeling him at first and then I was with Washington but my man is persistent so I gave him a shot.

So we go out for a late lunch and he opened doors, ordered for us, guided me to my seat, looked at me while I spoke, and held my hand. I had to check myself for a minute to see if I was actually in the year 2010 because I didn't think they still made this species of man, the gentleman.

I was pleasantly surprised and a little taken aback. I just wasn't used to it. But it was nice and I liked it. He definitely had my attention. He makes me laugh and he's sweet but... I don't know. Well see where this leads. I'm not sure yet.

... to be continued.


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