Monday, March 1, 2010

Is It Wrong? - Non-negotiables

Is it wrong to have non-negotiables when it comes to relationships? Non-negotiables are those things that you just can't compromise on. They are different for everyone. Some of mine are faith in Jesus Christ, no excess cursing, integrity, faithfulness, good hygiene, tall among others.

Many people may not understand why they have been "disqualified" (if you will). With that being said, is it necessary to accept them even if they don't "cut the mustard" as the saying goes? Because somehow they will be hurt. (For example, Its not like ya'll didn't have chemistry you just couldn't see how your lights out by 9 pm life fit with ther party all day and all night mentality) Should you feel bad because they don't meet the standards you set? Should you relax your standards in any way? Do you feel that compromising your non-negotiables will make you happy or only make you miserable and bitter later down the line?

What I find interesting is that when you refuse to compromise your non-negotiables with a man he gets offended, like you've hurt him or don't care about him yet when you ask that he compromise a non-negotiable either you take it (deal with it) or leave it. Then if we decide to leave it they get upset.

How is that fair? I compromise but you don't. Somethings wrong with that picture.

So is it wrong to have non-negotiables? What are some of yours?

... to be continued


JStar said...

Those are just about mine as well...Of course its fair. No one is perfect, but some things go without being said...But you either accept the person for WHO they are and not what you WANT them to be...Getting along is the biggest part, things like that may be small in the begining, but will make a HUGE difference later down the line in the relationship...You have standards and beliefs...Stick to them...That just means that person wasnt MEANT for YOU...Go find the one who is, even if it takes a lifetime

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