Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Changes Coming?

Our of the blue Mr. E hit me up the other day and it thru my whole world upside down. We haven't talked in a year and a half. Maybe it was because the holidays were coming up. I don't know. Everytime he make surprise visits in my life something happens and its usually a relationship something. However, I'm not in a relationship, not even close to being in one.

Maybe I'm making this a bigger deal then it really is. Maybe nothing is gonna happen. But I've work myself up over this. Sometimes I wonder if I use his pop up appearances in my life to force me to make decisions in my life relationship wise. Whenever I'm trying to get comfortable in my relationship status BAM! here he comes.

Whatever it means even if its nothing I'm anxious and I don't like it. While I know that change at times is necessary I don't like it. And I'm afraid that whatever awaits me on the horizon I won't like that either.


... to be continued


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