Friday, December 30, 2011

Open Letter #3

I often think about you. What you look like, how you smell. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of what you will look like. When I lay in bed at night i wonder what your doing and if you're ok. I say the same prayer every night;

Lord keep him safe. Watch over him. Keep him from harm and danger. Prepare his heart for me and prepare my heart for him. Bless the work of his hands. Help him to find me and me to find him.

I imagine what our life, our love will be like but I can't stay there too long. Longing and sadness will begin to fill my heart. Bitterness and envy will begin to fill my soul and that is not what I want in my life.

I often wonder why we are apart when I want you to be near. Everything happens in time and there is rhyme and reason to everything that happens in life. My head knows that but my eyes cry tears of frustration cuz all I want  to do is carress your face or hold your hand or look into your eyes or see you smile or hold you close. Things we often take for granted. Things we desire sometimes more than air.

All I can do is imagine how you look and feel and smell and taste. For now I pray; that the bitterness will not creep in, that my hope won't die, that the tears will stop falling, that God will keep you safe, and that the rhyme and reason will make sense to me. And wait till the day that I find you and you find me and I can finally stop dreaming cuz it will be real.

All my my love,

Your Future Wife


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