Monday, May 4, 2009

From the mouth of Babes

Yesterday I had a really good convo wit my little (well not so little anymore) cousin. It was almost inevitable that she would ask me who Mr. E is after reading my blog. So with the question she gave me some good advice.

We all know the saga with Mr. E and my growing frustration. It seems that I always put my eggs in one basket yet the basket never is able to hold up. So she told me to conduct an experiment based on my post Young is the new Black. I should give the young bucks (legal of course) a chance along with any guy that may tickle my fancy. After all I'm not tied to Mr.E. We aren't exclusive. (Truth be told I don't know what we are.) Instead of writing them off she said I should keep my options open.

While this seems like duh, I realized that Mr. E is like my safety net. While I do really like him I see that I was doing it again. That thing I do where even though I'm not really happy with the way things are going I tolerate it cuz at least he's there. ( I really should smack myself).

While I'm not about to throw down my player card (My cousin's got that covered), she did make an interesting point. If Mr. E sensed he had competition for my affection, might that jumpstart him to be more proactive in this relationship? It might. In the process, might I discover something new about myself? Probably. And who knows what may come of this experiment.

Although clubs may not be my thing I definitely felt empowered that night. Like a new Damaris. A little Dangerous, so I need not bring her out too often but maybe I need to be able to incorporate her more into my life. That takes chances and is less afraid and who seriously contemplates this man experiment.

While I haven't taken the dive on the experiment I have expanded my sights to other men besides Mr. E and things are progressing nicely.

This single girl is keeping her options open. As my cousin said, I'm moving my other pots to the front of the stove but I'm still keeping Mr. E simmering on the back burner.

Hey, I like freedom but I'm still really feeling him.

From the mouth of Babes...I like what I'm hearing.


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