Friday, May 1, 2009

Up in the Club

Last night this single girl ventured into a realm she's never been in before. The Club. Yes for people who know me they will be shocked. I'm not the club type of girl. But last night for my sister and her friends I stepped out and...

It wasn't that bad. It was a good experience for me considering it was my first time. I was in my zone, dancing and singing, it felt like I was at home dancing in my room. I could almost forget where I was. Almost. I don't have huge speakers blasting music through my body.

The adventure was in getting there. I will admit I was looking nice in my dress. It was fitting right, so much so that even before I got to the club a guy was asking me if he could drive me some where. Now I ain't crazy I wanted to go back home in one piece so we ignored that one. It was a weird experience for me because usually I can go unnoticed by most people but last night every person I walked by or that passed me by looked at me. I still don't know if I liked it or not. It was interesting though.

So when I get there my party isn't there yet so I wait outside for them freezing my behind off and frizzing my hair out cuz it was drizzling (the price of being cute I guess). So they arrive and we good inside and they are playing old school jams . Just my style and right up me alley. But I was playing it cool. After a while though, the club started filling up and I started feeling nice and before I knew it I was getting my dance on. I did not dance wit any guys, I was happy to dance all by myself. I didn't go there to hook up so it didn't bother me that I didn't

Highlight of the night: When a guy in the club proceeded to tap (a hard tap) me 3 times to come dance. Yeah, that didn't work. Step to me correct please. Sweet words will draw me better than a tap. He was pretty good looking but then when I heard his voice (he came to tell me "don't be like" that cuz I wouldn't dance wit him. Why is it that whenever you don't do what a guy wants you to do they say "don't be like that"? Like what? Its my perogative), total no go.

We were there till almost 3 am but this single girl had to go to work in the morning. As I am writing this I'm living off of 2.5 hrs (3 hrs max) of sleep. Its a miracle that I'm still awake right now. Finally upon leaving the club another guy comes up to me. A bit taller then me in my heels, chocolate skin (right up my alley), ok build, and rocking an accent."Why you leaving?" We all know the obvious answer to this question but I played along. I was feeling bold for some reason. I took his number. Don't think anything will come of it through. Which is fine by me. I don't know why but it always gives us women a thrill when you know a guy wants you even when you aren't particularly interested.

Then on the way home, on the bus I see this real cutie wit dimples, chocolaty brown skin, clean cut. I was feening for real. We kept making eye contact and I had this really strong urge to hit on him but I had to talk myself down cuz I was feeling way too good and who knows what I woulda done if I hadn't practiced some good old fashioned self-control.

Finally at 4 am I got home, undressed, washed my face and hit the hay. That was the happiest tired I have ever been. It was so fun.

I say all this because even in the midst of this new experience, the whole time I was thinking about Mr. E and how much I missed him. How I wished I coulda dance with him at the club. I think I had such a strong reaction to the guy on the bus because he reminded me of Mr. E.

Either I'm daft or I really like him. I'm really hoping its the latter and not the former. I'm pretty sure its the latter. But it just doesn't make sense. For a rational female such as myself none of this makes sense and yet I don't know how to describe what is going on. Isn't it irrational to miss him?

I feel a door to a hidden closet of my life was opened last night and stuff I've never felt or thought I wanted to feel came pouring out. Yet in the midst of that, the image of Mr. E came through strong. How crazy is that?

What is this single girl to do?

....she's trying to find that out for herself.


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