Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is It Wrong? - Wishing You Could Put One Man's Head On Another Man's Body

It's been a while since I could conjure up one of these.

Now I don't exactly wish to do this exactly but... I do wish that I could put 6'8's personality and values in Washington's body. Lol.

I like 6'8 and I'm attracted to him but he's not my physical type and he's a lot older than me. He does excite me but not visually. His seduction style (if you will) is more mental which is HOT. I love when a man can articulate himself in an intelligent way and cause my mind to go on a journey painted by his words. A man who knows how to take care of a woman.

Washington is sexy to me. He's my physical type, the age difference isn't as huge (8 compared to 20. You do the math) and we have an amazing connection and he's a great kisser (ya'll know how I feel about kissing). But our values totally don't match. We are polar opposites. And he knows how to aggravate the HELL outta me for no other reason but to F with me. Not saying that 6'8 and I agree on everything vaule wise. Even some of the things he says sometimes make me give him the side eye but we are A LOT closer in that department then me and Washington.

So is it wrong for me to wish that I could have 6'8 personality, values, and dirty mind surgically implanted into Washington's football player body, with the sexy smile and perfect teeth? I know that we are supposed to accept them as they are or leave it alone but have we ever wanted to mix and match the people we've dated to create the perfect man or woman for us?

Just a thought. *shrugs* be continued


sunshinestar110 said...

Life would be to easy if we could mix n match men to make him the perfect guy for us.If he was perfect we probably wouldn't like him that much anyway.

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