Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Show Was Great

So we all know I sprained my ankle so I couldn't do my dance show. I was totally bummed. I had been practicing the routines for months and I felt bad because I felt like I was letting down the other ladies in my groups, I'm one of the stronger dancers.

So this past Saturday was the show and just because I wasn't in it doesn't mean I couldn't go and see it.

It was awesome. The ladies in my group did great and my teacher took my part so it was all good. I was so glad. But I did miss being up on that stage. I miss dancing. This foot needs to heal up quick.

Ankle Update: That same Friday I went to the doctor. He took off the cast and said that my ankle was still unstable so I'm now wearing an air cast for the next 2-3 weeks. However, this cast is removable, THANK GOD! So I can put it on when I'm outside and walking around and take it off when I'm in the house. I can shower without the fear of getting it messed up. I'm still cautious though cuz I ain't trying to have a setback. And then my doc prescribed me 6 weeks of physical therapy so thats my summer.

At least it ain't broken. be continued.


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