Wednesday, June 16, 2010

U Can't Be Serious?!

Washington continuously proves to me why I made the RIGHT decision in breaking it off with him.

He continues to try to convince me that what I believe is wrong. He is doing everything in his power. He even told me to use my brain because I am too grown to believe in God!

I don't understand his process. Does he seriously think I can sway me from my faith? Does he think that he can get me back by critizing me and what is a part of me?

I have been in a relationship with God for almost 20 years and He has proven time and again that He is faithful, He loves me, and wants the very best for my life. How could he possibly think that I would end my 18 year relationship with God for him?

It seems like we always have the same conversation and I'm tired. I've stopped explaining why, I've stopped entertaining him really. I let him talk and then I say, "ok wateva". I not gonna change his mind and he DEFINITELY ain't changing mine.

But he really can't be serious if he thinks this approach is gonna make me come running back to him. Smh.

... to be continued.


JStar said...

Thats all the proof right there that you need...Me too being a woman of God, thats His way of revealing the truths to you...Its time to keep it moving and find that man who is worthy...

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