Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot-Blooded Italian

Oh chile my office just got a lot more sexy. A few weeks ago a new guy started in the research department at my foundation. Fresh off the boat is this fine as hell Italian god. I ain't even lying, every woman in my office done swooned when he started and when he smiles at you... thats probably how he gets women to drop their pants... that smile.

Anyway, he is tall gorgeous smile, great teeth, black hair with gray at the temples (I love my older men), long legs *sigh*. And the accent, Oh the ACCENT. Every time I see him I'm like, "Damn, he's fine". Wow, he's a nice distraction in the middle of the day.

Wish I could take a picture to share with all of y'all but I think he would become a little suspicious if I just snapped a photo of him. Lol.

Just thought I'd share. I gotta make a trip to Italy. They say Italian men are fine and after seeing an Italian Native up close I am convinced!

... to be continued


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