Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Was watching a comercial on TV. You know the one's where they say, "Look whose searching for you today. You don't want to miss out" or something like that. I usually don't do this cuz its just a ploy to get your email and spam you to death but I caved (Thank God I have a junk email address). I signed up for free, they be tripping thinking I'm gonna pay for this. And guess what?

Ain't no one looking for Lady Dee. :(

Why this made me feel some type of way? Lol. Why do we put so much importance on being "looked for" on these sites? Of course we want people to seek us out. Its something to do with our ego and the desire to be wanted or thought about even if we don't want and/or aren't thinking about the person wanting/thinking about us.  Its how we're wired.

It shouldn't matter but it does. Life is funny that way.

... to be continued


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