Friday, October 14, 2011

Older Men & Me

I like older men. No question. They are distinguished, they've lived and ... I'm an old soul. Now I'm not talking about any run of the mill older guy. For me they look a certain way, carry themselves a certain way, have a personality that draws you in, are intelligent, ooze experience and are FINE!

I find that I don't always click with men my own age. And sometimes where men are concerned, they get better with time. However, I'm noticing that I don't get a lot a play from guys my age to begin with. I wouldn't say I'm model gorgeous but I'm a good looking girl. I'll be 26 next year (I can't believe it actually) and I can't get a guy in his twenties to give me a second look but let a man 40 and older get a gander at me and they be eyeing me hard on the train, on the street, etc. Its a little unnerving.

Even the security guard in my building at work has been macking it to me hard. The other night as I was leaving to go home he told me i need to leave the boys alone and be with a man that will treat me like a princess. Unfortunately for him he looks to fatherly, and he's probably old enough to be my father.

That being said I'm 4 years and 5 months (gotta be precise) from 30. I'm not getting any younger and as I get older this doesn't seem to bode well for me. Eventually I'll catch up to the age of these older men and they'll be looking for women who are 25.

I don't know what to think. How can I already feel passed my prime in my twenties? There is something seriously wrong with that. Maybe I'm not in the right space to meet men who are not old enough to have birthed me. Like I said I like older men but these men that have been eyeing me aren't my cup of tea. And the ones that I've seen that are... are married. *sigh*

So is my life. Looks like my mother's wish that I wait till I'm 30 to get married will come true. Not cuz I want it to but because I couldn't get a date unless I walked to a guy naked and told him to come home with me. Ok, maybe that would work but I ain't doing that. Lol.

My resident older man, 6'8 is a tempting settlement. He wants me something fierce, he's not my cup of tea looks wise but there is a connection between us. I just don't want to settle. (More on that later) I don't love him which for him is okay. But its not for me. Now if 6'8 looked like Boris Kojo, or Sherman Moore or Lance Gross it would be on like Donkey Kong (That game was popping back in the day. Lol.). But he doesn't and I know I sound shallow but I like what I like. And while I like 6'8 I don't like the fact that when I'm out with him I don't want people to know I'm with him.

I did that looooooooooong sidebar to say that I love older men but I don't want to feel like that is my only option and that I have to settle. *gasps for air* You would think I talk this much in real life. I don't. Lol. be continued


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