Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm meeting the fam. Thats right. Tomorrow I am meeting Washington's family. And... I'm nervous. I don't know why. I'm usually good with moms. They love me. (Its the sons i usually have to win over. Lol) But Washington told me to just be myself and they'll like me. And thats the plan.

Well, its his mom's birthday and they r taking her out and he invited me to come. So i've been trying to rack my brain of wat i can get her. I was so swamped today so i didn't get a chance to look for anything and he invited me last night so... Any ideas of wat i can scrounge up between now and 7 am tomorrow besides flowers?

Lord help me. *sends a prayer heavenward*

... To be continued


Anonymous said...

I say something inexpensive yet thoughful. You don't wanna do too much and seem desperate. Maybe do a card, sweet yet not too personal. Or a picture frame...or pretty figurine

Well I'm womped out of ideas but good luck!

Lady Dee said...

Thanks for the advice. :) I went with the picture frame and card.

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