Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is It Wrong? - Withholding the Truth

I feel like I'm always prefacing my posts these days with an I'm sorry. But I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to post. But I've got a lot of stuff in me so I'll be updating u in the next free days.

But this is it wrong is about withholding the truth or a lie by omission. Now this has always been a hard one for me cuz I've never considered this lying I just didn't tell you cuz you didn't ask. Now I'm not talking about cheating or anything like that.

Last night Washington said to me, "So ur not keeping stuff from me?" to which I answered, "Nope". Now after I said it I thought, well I haven't told him everything. He's asked me about the guys I dated but I haven't told him about Mr. E or the Personal Trainer. Why? I guess because I never actually went on a date with them it didn't seem necessary to divulge. But maybe I should have. Is that a lie by omission? I haven't told him that I still keep in touch from time to time with The MC of that the Personal Trainer wants to see me when he comes up here from GA this month (Will post on this later). I mean I answer all his questions truthfully and honestly these things just never come up in conversation. (Wait, I did tell him about Mr. E I just didn't tell him I still email him every now and again).

So the question is, Is it wrong to not have told him these things? Yes, honesty is paramount to a relationship and I believe that we have that down. He is painfully honest with me sometimes and he tells me everything. But I've never been the type to spill my guts to people. I give them the information they ask for, nothing more and nothing less. But that doesn't mean I'm lying by omission. I've learned that u have to be careful what you tell cuz it can come back to bite you later on so...

Is it wrong to tell the truth but not tell every detail?

Hmmmmm be continued


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