Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Woman Deserves To Be Hit

I wasn't gonna blog about this but there are too many ignorant people out in this world and they are pissing me off. I think my title is self explanatory but I feel the need to vent.

We all know about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation and her being on 20/20. We all know that Chris beat and bit the heck out of her. What I'm tried of hearing is ignorant, foolish women saying,

"Rihanna must of done something to make him hit her"

"We all know Chris Brown didn’t do it lol! Speaking of that call me Chris Brown i love you!"

"She needs to stop lying"

I don't care what she did or what she said. She coulda said his ding-a-ling was small or that his stroke game was horrible. I don't give two figs. There is no, ABSOLUTELY NO reason for a man to ever hit a female.

Reading the comments, especially those from women saying that she needs to get over it, that she instigated it, and they don't think he really hit her, etc. One, I want them to get the crap beat out of them and almost pushed out of a moving car and try to get over it. Two, a man with no self-control is a coward. I can get all up in ur face but keep ur hands to urself. When you can walk away thats the measure of a man. Three, dude got arrested, charges pressed, stood before a judge. I doubt she beat herself like that. He did it.

It pissed me off that women are defending him and not her. She is the victim and millions of women end up in abusive relationships. What did they do to deserve it? Exist?

It makes me sick cuz if this was their mother, sister, cousin, auntie they'd be singing a different tune. While other women nurse their wounds and hurts in the shadows she had to nurse hers in the spotlight. Whether you like her as a singer or not, frown on her clothing choices or love them she is a human being and a woman who is trying her best to process, move on and stay a role model for those who look up to her.

I commend her. And I feel for her. The one person she loved hurt her to her soul. And to those who are saying she deserved it, I want you to stand naked and exposed before the world, your face bruised and battered and see if you'd still be able to hold yourself up.

Oh and PS, she's not necessarily in the spotlight because she wants to be camera follow her everywhere.

Ignorance is why those same women condemning her will end up battered women themselves. *Smh* Sadness.

... to be continued


khaki said...

*sigh* I think im going to have to write my own post. I see your point though.

Enigma Jones said...

I completely understand where you are coming from and for the most part I agree. However, I can’t really rock with the notion that a “real” man has self control. Why are they the only ones expected to control themselves? We are all human and we ALL need to keep our hands to ourselves. Now, I am in no way advocating a man hitting a woman, however, if said woman struck first, then I do believe she should anticipate him reacting…and since no one can anticipate how another will react, we should ALL keep our hands to ourselves. (Some lessons from Pre-K are still VERY relevant today). I’ve read some of the more ignorant comments and they sicen me as well. However, I will not vilify that man-CHILD for the rest of his life. For one, none of us know the entire story and none of us saw Chris Brown’s picture. Who’s to say that he was not as bruised form Rhihanna hitting him? I’ve watched all interviews that they have both done and I am inclined to believe that She did strike him first (between her saying ‘Even if I did hit him, so what” on her 20/20 interview, to him admitting saying in his radio interview that what happened in the car should remain between them—I get the feeling he’s protecting HER more than himself in this case.)- My opinion. As of now, my view of her has changed for the worse. She claims she did the interview b/c she didn’t want another female hurt from her choices…umm…so you waited almost 9 months to speak about it??? How many women were injured/killed/etc in that time? What is there to make us think that she is not just doing interviews now to promote her album and in the process exploiting the incident? As guilty as he is, CB did interviews way sooner and not just when it was convenient for him and his records sales. And it’s not as if she was in hiding since her wild nights have been well documented on all of my fav gossip sites. But like I said this is all just my own, personal opinion.

I guess I should have took a cue from the first commenter and wrote my own blog on this. Lol Sorry for the blog within a blog.

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