Monday, November 16, 2009

They Liked me, They really liked me : )

Over the weekend I met Washington's family and.... *drum roll please*

They LIKED me. Hallelujah. *heavenly angels singing*That was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was nervous for absolutely no reason. They were so nice and chill. I was totally comfortable with them. They laughed and cracked jokes. It reminded me of my family a little bit. Washington told me to just be myself and thats what I did.

I decided on a picture frame and a card for his mom... Which of course I left at Washington's place. I totally spazzed, probably cuz I was mentally freaking out. *smh* so he gave it to her for me. He said she liked it. So I'm taking his word for it. (I breathed a sigh of relief when he told me.) Which is good.

In two weeks he comes to my house for dinner. I hope that it goes as smoothly as Saturday went otherwise I'm gonna start to hyperventilate. I'm gonna have to keep oxygen I stand-by cuz I know I'll be holding my breath the whole time. Lol.

Crossing all toes, fingers, etc.

... to be continued


JStar said...

Awww thats sweet :)

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