Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Want To See You

So last Sunday I hit up the Personal Trainer.

*Before y'all start going in on me I realized that PT and I had originally started off as friends and I don't stop caring about people just like that. If I did I woulda emancipated myself from some of my family members and disowned some friends by now. Lol. I don't hit him up every day just once in a blue moon. If he crosses my mind I say hey.*

Well in the course of the convo he tells me that he's coming to NYC soon and if it were possible could we meet up so that he could apologize and hug me. He'd even let me smack him across the face and curse him out. *raised eyebrow* I thought about it for a minute because not too long ago I had been dying to see him. But then Washington flashed into my mind and there ain't no way I'm gonna let my curiosity mess up my relationship. Besides will I get anymore answers than the few I got the first time? Doubtful. So, NOPE, not gonna happen.

Plus, my mom woulda killed me (a slow and painful death). It woulda been playing with fire and not for me but him. I mean honestly, wat good can come from us meeting? *crickets*


But my readers, wat would u do if u were in my situation: Would you see him for closure or would you chalk it up as a lesson learned and stay home?

Men never cease to amaze.

... to be continued


Anonymous said...

Stay home and listen to your heart. You already know it's over. This man was MARRIED and made you believe that you were something more to him, when you were nothing but entertainment. don't risk losing a good man for the closure you already have...

Lady Dee said...

I totally agree with you which is why I'm staying my butt home. I ain't crazy or stupid. I know where his mind is at and I'm not trying to put myself in any compromising positions. Plus it would hurt Washington and that is not something I want to do at all.

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