Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Seriously Considered....

getting back with Washington.

After we broke up my emotions were a wreck. Then after I visited him back in March all those feelings and how easy it was came back. Until...

We talked about my faith again. Everytime he would remind me why I broke it off in the first place. Now for someone who wants me back you'd think he would at least come to church when I invited him. (He would always tell me he would come to church if I asked. Yeah right.)

So we started hanging out more. He took me out for my birthday and we hung out 2 more times after that but I realized that nothing had changed to caused me to take him back. And he didn't want to change and I wasn't willing to compromise on my non-negotiable.

So now... I know I can't go back if all I'm going back to is what made me walk in the first place. What was the point of the break up if I go back and nothing has changed?

The problem is that I would want to be friends but there is still to much there. He's fun to hang with, I feel comfortable, and I can relax. When you're friends with someone you can agree to disagree on almost anything as long as your respectful about it. When in a relationship its different.

This is new territory for me. I've never done the ex as friend thing so we'll see if this works.

... to  be continued


JStar said...

Ex as a friend, DOESNT work...Because there was once something there and that comfort zone is already...Its a set up, dont fall for it!!! If its over, let it go...Seriously, I learned the hard way...My ex and I were friends 19 years, and then went back there and "tired" the relationship thing...DIDNT WORK...I cried all day long, but I had no choice but to let the friendship go...I couldnt move onto where I wanted to be with him still in my life...

And I am with you on the faith thing...A relationship built in faith will be strong...I dont want to go to church alone if I am married...I can, and will...but I want a relationship that has church and faith as a foundation...

Anonymous said...

hmm I don't know how I feel about the ex with friends. I don't think it can work just based off of experience. You always entertain old feelings...and the past is no long relevant. You can't move forward by backtracking.

my advise: Let go.

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