Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shaun T...

is kicking my butt. So I added to my weight loss regime the Insanity home workouts. These DVDs are INSANE. It ain't no joke. Its all cardio, high intensity, non-stop. Each workout is 30-40 minutes but at the end of it I am sweating bullets, my muscles are screaming, my heart is racing and I'm breathing hard.

Why am I torturing myself you may ask? Lol.

Have you seen the way those people look in the video just from 2 months of this stuff? They look INSANE! Insanely good that is. Summertime is around the corner and I've got 10 pounds to lose and a bunch of clothes I'm trying to get myself back into. 

So I ain't gonna meet my goal of 10 pounds by May but I will make it by June if I stick with this program.

I was gonna do P90X but I can't stand the man that leads it. At least Shaun T is a little bit of eye candy and he's encouraging.

But boy do I be hurting. 

... to be continued


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