Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm walking down the street on my way to work when i see two guys walking toward me. We all know where this is going. I know they are checking me out. As we pass each other the one closest to me leans in and says, "Mmm, healthy woman" and smiles. Ok so trivia this morning. Wat the hell does that mean? Lol. How am I supposed to take that? Uh, thanks for noticing. Lol.
Men tickle me be continued


JStar said...

Its just means that you are filling your pants out nicely :) and instead of saying you are "phat" he said "healthy" LOL....Like I would know tho...I wish I was "healthy" instead of "sickly" looking lol...and I have noassatall lol...So when men check me out as I am walking by, I already know the dissapointment is on their faces when they get to my as* LOL...Oh well, their loss...

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