Friday, October 23, 2009

How Does One Approach a Woman?

So for the last couple of days I've been coaching a friend on how to approach this woman that he likes. He's a Christian, she's a Christian and he kept saying that there seems to be a different way to approach a Christian woman. Before he was a Christian he had no problem approaching a woman but now he wasn't sure of what to say. Now I'm a Christian woman and there is only one way to approach me, Respectfully.

I don't think there is a different approach. If you step to a woman disrespectfully (And everyone's gauge of disrespect is different. I have my own pet peeves but thats a different post) most are gonna shut you down. But why would a woman shut you down if you said, "Hello, how you doing?" In the context of my friends story, he had been talking to this girl for a little while cuz they go to church together and serve together sometimes. Yet he wasn't sure if she'd be receptive to him asking for her number.

Ladies are we so hard to read that guys aren't sure if we're interested anymore? As it turns out she liked him too and they now have a date set up. Whats crazy is if I hadn't pushed him he wouldn't have asked her out.

Now Christian or not is it that difficult to approach women nowadays? Even Washington early on told me its hard to approach a woman sometimes. Whats up with that? Ladies do we need to soften ourselves up a bit so we don't scare these dudes off?

Hmmm. Definitely was my food for thought this week.

... to be continued.


JStar said...

I didnt think this was an issue either. Outside of church, yea just be respectful. But in church it is handled differently (I just found this out)A friend of mine was approach by one of his elders regarding a womans interest in the church. She went to his wife, who then went to her husband, who then went to my friend lol...Not sure the proper order of doing this, I guess its different with every church. But my friends relationship turned out really good

Anonymous said...

we are hard to approach. We over analyze a little flirting whether it be because of fear of because of the traditional lessons we were taught. I think a lot of girls/women miss out on blessings that way

Unbreakable said...

From experience i could say a woman that you have interest in is always hard to approach, it cant quite understand it, if he was not as interested he would have no problem or its best i talk about myself when ever i see a woman i find interested it kind of hard for me to approach her not because i am not approaching her right as i am a very respectful dude. I think maybe we just think too much about it IDK

Tha King said...

I happen to be a very confident and respectful young man and I have a tremendous anxiety whenever I approach a female. The stigma that a man who approaches a woman in the street is trying to "spit game" makes women very defensive and standoffish. That being said, respectfulness and a touch of wit seems to be most effective

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