Thursday, October 22, 2009

Washington just made my heart melt. This is wat he just texted me,

"U r the sweetest thing and I really do like and care about u I just want to fill ur life with joy and laughter"

My honey is the sweetest thing ever. :) I can't wait to see him on Saturday. I'ma hug him so tight. Wat girl doesn't want to hear that?

This single girl is falling for this guy and he's just making it soooo easy. Is it bad that i think this may be too good to be true? (I need to tell my cynicalness to shut up. Lol)

Singleville, I'll keep u posted.

... To be continued


JStar said...

No, falling in love is far from a bad thing....and it can seem too good to be true...Go with your heart, how will you ever know if you dont try! Just keep your eyes wide open and you should be fine..Enjoy it :)

I am in the same situation :) I just got a proposal on monday :) but we arent going to move that fast yet lol...He was saying everything I have ALWAYS wanted to hear....and I thought the same thing....Is this too good to be true...There has got to be a catch...but I am going to take a chance and give my heart...and pray that this works :)

Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww that is sweet...

Just let it happen honey. and enjoy the ride.

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