Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is It Wrong? - Flirting

Sorry for the long pause in posts. I've been just swamped lately.

So this edition of Is It Wrong is about flirting. To give context, things between Washington and I have taken a pretty serious turn :) which caused me to wondering, "Is it wrong to still be talking to other guys (even if they're just friends) if you're seeing someone pretty exclusively?" When I say talking I mean they send you a message or a text or an IM and you reply. Dialogue a bit.

Now that I'm in this new territory I began thinking should I stop talking to some of these guys? I truly don't mean anything by it. If some one sends me a message that says "Hello, how are you?" my natural response is to reply back. Now my loyalties aren't divided. I know Washington is my sweetie but is it wrong to still entertain these convos? Should I ignore them? I mean they're harmless. And I let them know that I'm seeing someone.

And while still on the topic, does that mean no more checking out guys? No more flirty smiles or glances? Not that I openly flirt with people like that but is that totally out of the question now?

When in a relationship do you have to hang up the flirtatiousness? Is it disrespectful to your partner even if you know that its only talk or only a passing look?

... to be continued


Unbreakable said...

I think there is a difference between flirting and have a conversation with the opposite sex.

Never let go all your friend when you get into a relationship as there is not certainty that the relationship will last.

Friend can be very damaging to a relationship none the less, you have some you can keep around and some that just got to go.

All the best with this is not an easy decision to make.

JStar said...

I agree with unbreakable! I would just be upfront with all the parties involved. I would tell the guys you talk to that you are in a relationship now and see how they respond. Usually that will make it more clear of who you should remain friends with and who cant take it. Also I would see how your man feels about maintaining friendships. I just say be open and put everything on the table so that nothing can come up and bite you in the butt later and ruin your relationship.

Flirting, as long as its harmless and the person knows that its nothing but flirting. But no, just because you are in a relationship doesnt mean you cant look anymore lol..Your not dead ha ha

Tha King said...

I read the first few lines of your post and went straight to comment. Until your seeing someone exclusively(Until its been said) then you owe them nothing. Why would you stop talking to the other parties if its not a sure thing with the serious one? Do you stop applying to jobs just because you got called in for an interview at one? Of course not!!

Ps; I've been slacking on the posts as well, but I'm back in the game now, I'll be expecting comments *kiss*

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