Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok so i'm on my way to work, walking down the street and this man who is in his truck asks me, "Have u had breakfast yet?" Well thats a new one. Of course i hadn't but i said yes anyway. I don't know him and the next thing woulda been, "let me take u to get something to eat." So i continue walking but we're going in the same direction and i'm stopped waiting for the light to change when i hear, "U going straight up? I can give u a ride." Umm, no i'm good. So I'm wondering, did he really think i was gonna get in or anywhere near his car? Now his car was nice and i would have appreciated the ride (its a bit of a way to the bus stop) but I don't know him from Adam. He coulda been nice but he also coulda been crazy. How'd i look getting in his car? Am I wrong???

... To be continued


Enigma Jones said...

I don't think you were wrong at all. I often have to remind guys of that whole "don't talk to strangers" thing. If they seem too offended, I usually get turned off. You have to wonder why a guy would be totally ok with pursuing a woman who just jumps into random guys' cars.

JStar said...

Not wrong at all. I wouldnt have gotten in either or even took a number. He seemed suspicous...Too many crazy people out here to even take a chance like that.

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