Friday, October 30, 2009

Washington is meeting my parents tomorrow. :) We're been dating for 8 weeks now. So this is big. I'm not nervous but how he interacts with my parents is very important. I'll let u know how it goes. It shall be interesting.

The elephant is still looming but... Singleville is about the journey, right?

... To be continued


Tha King said...

I think woman make an overly big deal about the meeting of the parents. If you were to fall madly in love with this guy(tell him Tha King said the Redskins suck btw) you would date him despite any objections your parents had. You've already been conditioned to date men you think your family would approve of, we all have been.

JStar said...

Good Luck! Ket us know how it went! @The King-I wouldnt say that everything depends on their interaction or acceptance. But honestly, YES whoever I am with HAS to have a good relationship with my mom and family and most importantly my daughers!!! That means the world to me...If its not right, then I dont care how much I like him, I would end it...

Lady Dee said...

Thats exactly how I feel JStar. Because of how close my family is you have to be able to fit into my clan for us to work out.

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