Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It all happened in 3 days

Remember the old guy I was tutoring that took a very twisted turn. Tell me why he called me, on my phone. Emailing me is one thing, calling me went to far. I had to bring in the calvary (aka my parents) to set the situation straight. After a series of phone calls my quite outraged dad made I got an apology and a promise that it won't happen again. What disturbed me the most? He's 60 years old and has kids my age. Major violation. My aunt needs to make better choices in friends.

My serial caller continues to call. Its starting to work my nerves and to be honest i wouldn't even still be talking to him if I wasn't trying to witness to him. He has a lot of questions about God and salvation but I can't help but wonder if he's just using that to try to get with me. Either way I'm a use this opportunity to invite someone into the kingdom. Even if it works me nerves a bit. To God be the glory right?

Finally, last night Mr. E emailed me. After some time without communication I wasn't sure how the email would affect me. As usual I felt the butterflies flutter in my heart. I realized that as much as I may want to shelf this relationship for fear of getting hurt my heart and my head won't let me. Interestingly enough the first thought that came to mind was that I need to wait on the Lord because he is patiently working on me. Even though I wish things to progress faster with Mr. E God keeps telling me to wait on Him for my wants, needs, and desires. This is a real test for me but if history has taught me anything its that waiting on the Lord is the hardest thing to do but the best thing for you.

So guess what, this single girl will be waiting. But isn't it amazing that all this could happen in just 3 days. If I wasn't living it I wouldn't believe it.


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