Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shaking My Head

In light of the whole Chris Brown, Rihanna circus I feel that I just cannot not comment (please pardon my use of double negatives). This is wrong on so many levels and its partly the fault of the American public. If this was our sister, aunt, mother, cousin who got the crap beat and bit (literally) out of her we would want her to be in a secluded place far away from her attacker. Instead the intimate details of what she went thru are leaked to the media and plastered on every website known to man. What happened to protecting the victims? Then we standby and watch as she then goes back to her attacker and no one expresses outrage. Its insane, he still gets to be on the "Kid's Choice Awards" while she had to cancel tour stopped because her bread and butter was smashed in. Where's the justice in that?

This poor girl, if Brown is acquitted, will definitely be beat again because no one would have stepped up to help. What galls me is the fact that he felt he had the right to hit her when he was the one in the wrong, that the woman who he was cheaping with was herself an abuser (he's 19, she's 40 and his manager and this has been going on for 2 years. We can all do the math), and we're walking on eggshells and coddling the perpertator inside of supporting the victim. Everyone; Brown, Rihanna's father, the hip hop industry; they all trifling. But this should be no surprise there, hip hop promotes the abuse of woman to use them as sex objects and beat them emotionally and physical until all there self-worth is in the toilet. This situation has the makings of getting a lot worse. I wish I could just shake Rihanna and plead with her to let him go cuz thats not love but soul ties are serious things (if you don't know I'll drop some knowledge on you). The fact remains this: he will beat her again and next time her assistant may be calling the morgue instead of the LAPD.

This single girl digresses... for now


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