Thursday, March 5, 2009

Single Female

I am a single female, obviously from the title of my blog. In a world where being single is like having the plague you are constantly asking yourself what is wrong with you. What am I not saying? What am I not doing? Am I sexy enough? Am I too sexy? Is there a personality flaw somewhere? What's wrong with me? Everywhere you look you see competition. The girl with a big chest. The girl with a big booty. The girl with a big chest AND a big booty. The girl with that hourglass shape where everything fits her just right. The girl that is so gorgeous and statuesque she should be a supermodel. Its had to look at yourself and think that you're a catch. The thing is that we all have our flaws and idiosyncrasies that make us unique and desirable. The hard part is the waiting. But even those who have some one they still feel they are in competition. They still feel there's threat to there womanhood. If we didn't all see the drama of The Bachelor this week I for one am happy that I am single. We probably all coveted what we saw; the dates, the romance, the paradise. And then we were brought back to earth with the very real public break up. In my personal opinion I think that I'd rather have that then be with someone and always be wondering. But we realize that even the "beautiful people" get hurt and that sometimes being single is a blessing.


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