Thursday, March 5, 2009

Myster E

I hope you like the play on words because he is a mystery to me. I met this guy, we will call him Mr. E, in what will be a year in April but we have yet to go out on a date or see each other since that first initial meeting. We've talked through email and we have good conversations but now we talk less and less. This is one of those things were everything about this screams loser, move on but he seems like a genuine guy (who is a work-a-holic in every sense of the word). I'm starting to feel the shelf live of a potential romance beginning to expire. The pressure of defending someone when you have no true basis expect for a feeling you have in your gut is starting to get to me. The question is, when do you put a relationship that could have potential on the shelf and just operate in friendship mode? If only men came with manuals. I'll keep you posted.


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