Sunday, February 7, 2010


That's how tall he is. Which is incredibly sexy. But.... I feel like he's too old for me.

Have you ever met someone you just clicked with? You had fun with them, comfortable, attracted to but...

If he was ten years younger or if I was ten years older this would be on and popping. Well sort of anyway. Lol. So now I'm just trying to establish a friendship which is hard when the other party wants more than that. And yes I've told me multiple times that we are just friends...Men don't like to listen to me it seems.

The even bigger issue however is my attraction to him. Coming out of a relationship your looking for comfort and he would be more than willing to give me the comfort I seek. But I'm not trying to use anyone as a rebound.

But my gosh he is tempting me. Some of the things he's told me he would do to me and some of the stories he's told me, I want to see if he's for real or just all talk. And if he's not just all talk I'ma be in trouble.

So I've been playing it cool. We just hang out on occasion. But the more time you spend with someone you like it seems you start to like them even more. He is so confident he's gonna get me to break. But I'm not ready to give in to anybody at this point.

I just don't think he'll be able to take me dodging his kisses that much longer. But we'll see. I don't plan for anything to happen and hopefully my resolve keeps.

... to be continued


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