Monday, February 8, 2010

Plum Tired

I hate this feeling of loneliness. I'm tempted to play Roberta but I know that will put me deeper in my funk. I want to just turn everything off and just breath for a second. I feel like everyone wants a piece of me. If I give everyone a piece what will I have left?

Baby, I'm the man for u. I'll make you feel good. I'll treat you the way a woman should be treated. Then why do I still feel this hole? How are you the man for me if you can't touch my soul? Sure you can touch my body. Anyone if they are looking to please will find a way to do so but what about my heart? What about touching the essence of who I am? Looking me in my eyes and telling me you love me for who I am. Not baby I worship your body ur so fine. Not gosh that ass, the things I could do to that ass. Not baby send me a pic. Not baby I want to see if you taste as good as you look.

I want to be told that my heart is what drew you, my mind is what glued you and the beauty of my essence is what keeps you. I am more than measurements, I am more than big lips and a fat ass, I am more than a wet hole.

I have a mind and dreams and goals and values. Stop telling me your every woman's fantasy and ask me what my fantasy is because maybe you ain't it. I'm more than empty promises you have no intention of fulfilling. Stop trying to get in my pants because when thats the only thing you show me thats the only way I see you. Stop trying to squeeze every drop of all that I've got out of me.

I feel like I have nothing left.


.... to be continued


Unbreakable said...

This is great i like the story line.

How about a we do coffee one day? lol

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