Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Dating Game

So I'm back in the dating game. And while it may seem fast its so I don't stay home and agonize over the fact that I am single again and go back and forth in my head on whether I made the right decision even though everything screams at me I did. When I'm left to think and analyze and over-analyze a decision that is never a good thing. I'm already too much in my head as it is.

So you will be hearing about some of my latest misadventures if you will. And its even more complicated because Washington isn't ready to let go either. Lord help me. I'm just a big mass of crazy right now. Lol.

Am I ready to be in another serious relationship, not totally but I'm open to the possibilities.

Who will we be meeting? 6'8, The MC is back as is Mr. E and a few others so are u ready?

Here goes.....


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