Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Want You To Sit On My Face

Seriously?! SMH. While I'm not knocking it. Thats not the first thing you say to someone.

Giving me the rundown of wat you can do with your tongue while intriguing does not a long-term commitment make in my train of thought.

But I guess that its all about people's expectations. To me I expect that when you're introducing yourself to me you might say,

"Hi my name is (insert name) and I saw you and wanted to say hello. I am (insert age) and I would love to get a cup of coffee or go out to dinner sometime."

Call me old-fashioned but thats my expectation. 

Saying "oh, baby I wanna make you cum" and you don't even know my name yet, doesn't cut the mustard (with me anyway). Especially in this day and age it makes me wonder how many other people you done said this to and how many of them have taken you up on the offer.

So while I'm not saying that I wouldn't enjoy the ride I don't plan to be hoping on any random fool's face anytime soon. 

But thanks for the offer.

... to be continued.


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