Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can I Have a Picture of You??? Part 2

My good friend (side eye) struck again. (See Can I Have a Picture of You???)

So he said,

"Was just checking to see if you had changed your mind."


He says,

"Ok, my final offer...."
Drum-roll please.


People, it is a recession and I am hurting just like the next person but....

Nope, Not for Sale. 

I did almost pass out though. $12Gs! This kid must be swimming in money if he willing to part with that much cash just to get a taste of my goodies. Lord have mercy.

Thats what the love of pu$$y will do to ya. SMH. Oh, and yes, once again...
This Fool Done Lost His Mind

... to be continued. 


Unbreakable said...

12k to do what? Dam that must be a golden lol. dude is crazy

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