Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can I Have a Picture of You???

People ask this of me a lot. We'll guys anyway. When you're on a social networking site or you talk to folks on aim they ask. When they do I direct them to the places I have posted pics already. I'm not the type to snap a pic real fast like that and send it. Too much work. lol. So that's not a weird request.

However, today that question done went to the next level.

So I get an IM from someone I had talked to briefly before. Ok cool, we just talking. The convo starts out innocently enough before he hit me with this.

well basically like i said i think youre really hot, and i would love to get to see more pics of you...i know you dont know me yet so you really dont have any reason to do that for me, but since i have alot of money (i have proof that i do) i was thinking i could at least give you some $ as a thank you if u did it for me.

Whoa, where is this coming from? Do you think because you have a lot of more I'm suppose to jump at the chance to do this for you? But it gets better. He talks about how he wants sexy pics and that he has a lot of money. So I want to know how much he'd be willing to pay. (There goes my curiosity again.)

up to $5,000

My jaw hit the floor. Is he serious?! $5000. I thought about it for a hot second (that is a lot of $) and then the Lord rebuked me.

Your body is the temple of the Lord.

When that verse popped into my head I knew what my answer would be but it didn't end there. He then tells me it would be instantaneous payment, that he'd even pay me up front. When I still wouldn't budge he offered to give me even more money, telling me I could make more money with one click of my mouse then I would make in a month.

Why does this boy want to see my body so dag on bad? What is up? Why he being so thirsty? He's not a bad looking guy why do you need to buy a girl's body? This just pushed my resolve even more. So he tried to get me from another angle.

well i was hoping that since you wont consider making me any pics youd at least let me take you out to dinner

Ok, how do you go from I'll pay you for pics of your body (head optional) to "can I take you out sometime"? I'm giving him the serious side eye. And then:

would you be against me renting a hotel suite in manhattan for after dinner...thered be no obligation but if you were in the mood for it, id be very much honored if you would let me go down on you then (i really enjoy getting to give someone pleasure with something im really good at)

Why am I not surprised? Would he have paid me afterward? WTF?! No, No, and HECK NO! Some people would have accepted. But I'm not that person. For me my body is sacred, not to be shared and sold.

I am NOT for sale. And its official:

This Fool Done Lost His Mind

Whatever happened to getting to know a girl first? My gosh.

Men never cease to amaze me. If I didn't experience it I wouldn't believe it.

Singleville... *sigh*

... to be continued


JStar said...

I have been propositioned this way a few times, but you are so right...I respect myself too much for that. Men kill me with that, esp the married ones.

Check out my poetry sometime

Tha King said...

Five thousand dollars? I agree, your body is a temple....but people take pictures of temples all the time! LMAO. I think maybe you should give up on the "social networking" sites.(we call them freak hook-up sites) Your chances of finding a normal person on these sites is slim to none.

Lady Dee said...

I'm beginning to agree with you. Thing is I'm not looking to "find" anyone on these sites. They somehow find me and drop this stuff. Its just amusing to me (after the offendedness leaves. lol).

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