Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All Hot and Bothered

Lately it seems I'm horny all the time. (Can you even say that in a blog?) I can't turn it off and its for no good reason. If I was married this would be a non issue. I would get my husband to handle business. (Disclaimer: I'm not advocating getting married just to have sex.) But I'm not married and I abstain so I'm suffering. What bad is that I know of some one who could set me straight no string attached. (He shall remain nameless.) But then I would be going against my beliefs. But its not getting better. I am so stressed out with everything in my life and this is only adding to it. I think I might go insane.

I find myself praying for willpower even as my mind wanders to some naughty place.

As a single Christian how can I hold myself to the standards that I've set and that God has set and still survive in the dating jungle? How do you not allow your urges to control the type of man you let into your world? (unconsciously sometimes we choose the guy who will give us immediate gratification and not the one that will give us lasting gratification)

This single girl is struggling but I have to keep trusting that God will send me my prince charming. Hopefully soon, I mean I won't die but when God does finally present this man to me I don't want to scare him with my ferocious appetite. Lol.

All a girl is asking for is some peace. Is that so hard? be continued


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