Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Shoes Are Coming!!!!!

This a sidebar from what I usually write about but I was just so excited.

For those who know me they know I'm a shoe fanatic (not an addict cuz I can quit anytime. That sounds like something an addict would say doesn't it? lol). Anyhoo, I haven't bought a pair of shoes in such a long time. So the other day I was browsing Nine West's online store (this has become my new favorite shoe store) and of course I went to the sale items (i love shoes but I'm not gonna break my bank over them). Now usually I just look because their shoes are so expensive but the sale was amazing. I'm talking shoes that were $80, $90 now just $30. They were calling me. And having been in a shoe drought (the styles right now just haven't been grabbing me lately) I bought 4 pairs plus a handbag (it was on sale too ;) ). They are the cutest sandals! In total it came to $164.95. Not too much damage and not bad for 4 pairs of shoes and a bag (thats $33 per item roughly).

So I check my email this morning and I see that they've shipped and are slated to arrive today. I only ordered them 2 days ago. I am so stoked. I get such a rush when I get home and they're waiting for me. I'm jumping up and down on the inside (I very well can't do it here in my office).

I can't wait!


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