Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Going On

I love that song by Marvin Gaye. They just don't make men like him anymore. But anyway, that's a side bar. I haven't blogger in a while so I think I'm overdue in that department.

What's going on in Singleville?


J is talking to me again. After a week. I felt I should give him space considering our falling out last time we talked. Things are back to normal, which has me suspicion but maybe that's just me being cynical.

T-Bear broke a date with me last weekend cuz he slept through it . I know, but he's forgiven (so now were even cuz I broke our date the weekend before). I gave him a time out for a while and besides I've been iffy about him from jump. He's just a really cool guy. However, if he doesn't step his game up he will be forever relegated to friend status. Interestingly enough, my parents and sis not big fans so it looks like the scale is not leaning in his favor.

Trig thinks he's cute but he ain't. He went away for a few days which is cool (thats not why I'm bad. I'm actually glad he did) and then (on like the 4th day in) he hit me up talking about you don't talk to me no more. Wait. Pause. I hit you up before you left (no answer), the day you left (no answer), and then again on another occassion. Can you guess what I got? Thats right, NO ANSWER. He playing games with the wrong one. How can you talk all the crap you did the last time I saw you (talking about we should move in together [WARNING: when a guy tells you y'all should get an apartment together after going out with you twice and he has no job there's a problem] and making plans for when he comes back) then not answer my messages? He in for a rude awakening when he finds out the last time he saw me was the last time. I don't have time to deal with all that he got going on. I don't care have fine you are or how well you kiss.

Mr. Smith is new (you can read more about him in my blog post Kissing). He's sweet and works in a school which I thought was the cutest thing in the world. He's close to his family and all of that is so sexy. On that alone he'll get a second date. Whether or not he gets a third and fourth is up to him. be continued.


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