Thursday, June 25, 2009


I don't know about you but good conversation just does something for me. Tuesday night I talked to Spike (he works in media). The conversation blew my mind. Its probably because I was having a grown up conversation. Conversation that stimulated my mind, caused me to think and dialogue about important isseus. And I could use big words and he knew what they mean. (Heaven). This guy knew his mind, where he was coming from, and where he was trying to go. It was bananas. The only hang up is he is 12 years older than me (which isn't a problem for me) and he says he only dates women 10 year older or younger. Thats the cut off and I just miss the mark (sigh). But I must say I was really feeling the conversation and the thought of having more convos like that made my body tingle.

When you deal with guys like Spike and Mr. E you have to be on it and get some act right because they don't have time for games. Not that I play games but lately... I need to get myself back on track because I want to attract the Spikes and Mr. E's of this world. Intelligent, sexy men, with goals, that happen to be black and aren't gonna give you BS.

We'll see what happens. Either way, I'll have procured a friendship with Spike cuz I like to be around people with awareness of current issues. Keeps my mind sharp.

But I'm hoping that maybe something else will come from it (its rare to find a 6'2 brotha that works out both his body and mind). But time will tell.

And Mr. E... (sigh) Time will tell that too. be contiuned.


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