Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was gone for a minute... now I'm back. I'll tell you about the new developments but first I must talk about this topic. Kissing.

Many people think that kissing is overrated. To those people I say, you just ain't doing it right. I'm a very passionate kisser (so I've been told on more than one occasion by more than one person), which gets me into all kinds of trouble. I equate kissing to how you make love (since I don't actually have sex) because its a good indicator of your intensity; whether you take charge, like to take things slow or fast, are aggressive or like to mix it up. And if you can't get me hot with a kiss... well

I've been fortunate enough to have participated in some really hot and amazing lip locks. Some really playful, others that we're so intense I almost forgot I abstain, and still others that felt like he would eat me if he could. All of my kissing experiences have been good...till now.

Yesterday, I was out on a date with a new guy (we'll call him Mr. Smith). The date was progressing nicely we played a nice icebreaker game, good convo, and all that. Well, he offers to give me a massage. I'm down with that. It started out tame but somehow situations always get escalated when it comes to me and men. Well, he rubs oil on my back and legs (I have clothes on) and it's feeling nice and then he's tongue is on my back (I'm really feeling this) and he licks me from the top of my shoulders to the top of my butt. Then on my legs. But its all in good fun no one is stripping or anything.

Then he starts to get intense. He kissing my neck like he's starving (which is not necessarily a bad thing cuz that is my spot) and he's is really turned on (I'm thinking ok, I think he's enjoying this more than me but thats not necessarily a bad thing either). Before I knew it he flipped me over and we began kissing. Now it wasn't terrible but it was so fast. He was pumping his tongue in and out of my mouth, it was like we were in a race. At one point I just didn't know what to do so I was kinda just staring at the ceiling. I felt like that scene in Love and Basketball (if you haven't seen this movie you should) when Monica & Q are making out on the grass and his tongue is moving and he's devouring her mouth and she's just tryna keep up. I wasn't bored just flabbergasted.

I'm a person who likes to take it slow and build up the intensity but his intensity was already up and I couldn't reign it in. Which made me wonder, "If we were having sex would this be how it would go? Him pumping mad hard and fast and me staring at the ceiling flabbergasted?" :/

He is very attractive, he's in good shape, and he has a lot of the qualities I find sexy in a guy personality wise but... kissing is important to me. So he has one more (maybe 2) date(s) to make up for that kissing experience. Maybe he was really excited (he told me the thing that first attracted him to me was my lips so maybe the anticipation of kissing them sent him over the edge). I don't know.

But, I'll keep you posted.


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