Monday, June 29, 2009

This Fool Got to be Kidding Me!

So you remember Trig right? (if not see previous blogs Social Calendar, Playing With Fire, What's Going On, etc.) Well this guy has been more trouble then... well I've never had this kinda trouble before.

First off, this got off to a bad start for two reasons. One, on our first date weed fell out his pocket. (Not a good look) Then right after our first date (like 4 days after) the place he was staying at got raided by the police. (Double not a good look) So you must be wondering why I was still talking to him and gave him a second date?

One: Foolishness. I will admit that. When they say curiosity killed the cat I should of been shot dead. Lol. Two: He's sexy as hell. (This was the source of the foolishness.)

We'll because of the raid his stuff got destroyed and long story short he needed money. Didn't want to ask any of his family member so he decides to go to NC where a friend will help him out (how?, I don't know and I don't want to know) But how is he gonna get there? He asks me. Did I help him out? I did (See what foolishness and pity does? I really felt bad for him though) but it was like $80 no big deal to me. I ate that. So he goes to NC.

Fast forward to all the drama and BS he trying to put me through with not answering my texts then getting mad because according to him I wasn't talking to him enough. (I am not your girlfriend, pump your brakes my dude.)

Super fast forward to this past Friday. I just got a new phone (its gorgeous by the way) so you know the whole deal with transferring numbers and stuff (a pain in the butt). So I get a text from a number I don't know. So naturally I text back, "Who is this?" Can you guess who it was?

Yep, Trig. I'm like what the heck is going on, did I not copy the number right? Nope. My man changed his number. (This is the second time. The first time he changed it after the raid. Now I'm getting suspicious.) Of course I ask why and he's like "because I got in trouble". So I'm like what kind of trouble? He's like "I got arrested". Of course I ask for what and I get, can you guess? Crickets. Like always. This guy pisses me off.

So later that night he texts me back that his phone died. (Wateva and rolling my eyes) So he tells me what he got arrested for. Trepassing and possession. (Why does the latter not surprise me.) So all the while I thinking, "this fool better not ask me for no freaking money". What does he do? You guessed it. Asked me for his fine money so he don't have to go to jail. Has this fool lost his mind?! Do I look like the bank? He wants $500 from me because he was the idiot who trepassed and got caught with drugs on him? Are you serious? He must of thought I was crazy. I definitely told his dump behind no. (I did it nicely though cuz guys egos get bruised so easily.)

Then he texts me, "By now you probably know you shouldn't be dealing with me right now?" (Don't you love it when people state the obvious.) So he'll be going in soon and I really hope he doesn't call me collect while he in there cuz it will be denied.

But anyhoo, there is another fool to talk about. That same day (actually about the same time Trig text me asking for money.) I saw my Ex. Now usually I'm nice to him (even though he warrents a slap) but after that ish I was being scarcastic to him as all get out. Well I was with my girls (My Sis and Tee) and he starts to talk up my friend Tee (she can't stand him by the way) and she's like what the heck? (For the record I just thought he was being the butthead he usually is but my girls saw it as more than that). So we about to leave and he follows us (why I don't know) and in the process asks Tee who has a piercing near her lip if he can pull it and then proceeds to reach toward her face to do. Has this fool lost his mind?! So she moves away and comes down to where me and my sis are. Normally I woulda shook my head and kept it moving but the 3 of us turned into the bird gang for real. Came at him really ghetto like. (It didn't help that he then tried to tell us that he was having a convo with Tee and that he didn't need me or my my sis's input. Why did I date him again? Got no clue cuz his behind is rude.) All of us with our voices raised, fingers pointing, necks turning, saying the exact same thing, "If you talking to one of us you talking to all of us". It wasn't till I got home that I was like what the heck was I doing? I think that the culmination of everything snapped something in me. I just could not get over the audacity of these two. I try to present myself better than that but something gave in me that night.

So that was my Friday. There's never a dull moment in Singleville. be continued.


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