Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ok, so I spent all morning in the laundromat. All morning. And now I'm wiped. My eye lids are drooping as I type. But as I spent the better part of 3 hrs washing clothes (I haven't done laundry in months) it got me thinking...

Its so easy for the issues of life to pile up and like I was doing with my dirty clothes, we just toss them into our "hamper" until it piles up so much we can't ignore them anymore. My feet hurt from all the standing, my arms and shoulders hurt from lifting the heavy clothes bags (yes, bags) and our hearts and mind get weighted down by the "life laundry" we let sit in the corner.

If we dealt with the issues as they came the load wouldn't be so burdensome but we get so busy in the day to day tasks of life that we push our laundry to the side until we can't stand the sight of it any longer, we don't have any more clean underwear or it stinks to high heaven. (mine is no more clean undies, lol, must do laundry then)

I always wonder what issues I'm just throwing in the corner until laundry day?

Are those things what hold me back from my destiny? Why I have trust issues? What make living in Singleville so hard almost to the point of unbearable sometimes?

Your girl is tired but she can't help but wonder, if she continues to throw the "laundry" in the corner will it be too much to clean up when laundry day arrives? be continued


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