Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Quiet on the Western Front

Well maybe it should say the eastern front cuz I live on the East Coast? No matter. I used this title to say that it has been a relatively quiet week in Singleville and I am enjoying it.

I'm taking a break from dating (or I could say dating has taken a break from me). I'm just happy to not have to prepare for a date or find interesting, clever, witty things to say to fill the silence. Its taxing.

Sometimes I like being able to come home, go in my room, turn on some music, and not care about what I've got on, if my hair and nails look fly, or if that little bit of flab is showing. I can "kick off my shoes and relax my feet" (shout out to Xscape) and let my hair down. Even lounge around in my undies if I want eating chocolate ice cream. (Its been real hot the last few days in the NY)

I feel like I was running at a break neck pace the last few months talking to this one and that one. I almost went crazy. Now as God is pulling me into focus the need to slow it down, assess and make the right choices and stick to my guns is key. I'm basking in the change of pace.

However, I'm a little on uneasy if you will. Ever heard the saying, "the quiet before the storm"? That's the vibe I'm getting. I feel like this is the quiet before the storm. I better enjoy it then huh?

I don't know what Singleville is gonna throw at me next but I want and need to be prepared for it.

... to be continued.


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