Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thanks God for the Moms

I'm truly blessed to have all of the motherly figures that I have in my life. They challenge me, talk to me, love me, and most importantly pray for me. As a kid you don't appreciate them like you should but now as an adult I truly value their love, concern, support, and most of all wisdom.

I say this after an insightful conversation with my mom this passed Saturday and then having lunch on Sunday with a good friend of my mom whose known me since birth. I've now stepped into the realm of having your mom as your friend. The mutual respect and the fact that they want you to succeed and not make the mistakes they did is now seen not as an attack but as a loving. I'm enjoying this new shift.

I have such respect for the motherly figures in my life. I don't know what I would do without them. So here's a big shout out with much love to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (my mom's circle of friends), my godmommy hailing from the DMV, and of course my mommy (the original Lady D). You guys will have my heart forever.

... to be continued.


K. Michel said...

I really like this one, Miss Dee. It shows how intelligent and mature you are's a beautiful thing.

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