Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another sexy sighting. But this time on the train platform. My man was gorgeous from what i could see because he was on the opposite platform as me :( His muscles all busting through his tee shirt and what not. Oooh chile, I just got chills. Thank God I was looking right. He all whistling at me and stuff. Had to give him a wave and a smile. If i had telepathic powers I woulda brain beamed my number and a naughty message to him. Lol. Then my train came into the station. I'm a little disappointed but the Lord knows all things. The way I'm feeling and the way he was looking he could get it. More than once. Forgive me Jesus. He had my back today... But i can still fantasize about what could have been right?


... to be continued


Tha King said...

Yea, its a good thing your train came because I was about to hop across the tracks.....lmao. Did he really whistle? I thought women found that highly offensive?

Lady Dee said...

Lol. He did really whistle. I've never really been offended by the whistle. It amuses me more than anything. It's definitely an attention getter. But then again it doesn't guarantee that I will stop and give you my time either. It depends...

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